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Visits to Moscow Leading schools
in the frame of the II Finnish-Russian Educational Forum 2019

11-13 March 2019

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During the trip we will visit and meet with the management of the following schools:

Skolkovo International Gymnazium
Letovo School
Novaya Shkola
Sovhoz imeni Lenina School
UNEK School


The International Gymnasium of the Skolkovo Innovation Center is a non-selective, nonprofit co-educational day school, subsidized by the Russian Government via the Skolkovo Foundation. The Skolkovo Foundation founded it in 2015.
Located in the heart of the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow, the International Gymnasium of Skolkovo is one of the cornerstones of the Skolkovo Ecosystem. The Skolkovo community is a unique, ambitious project where education, innovation, and globalization come together.
There are modern classrooms, science laboratories, studios for artistic and technical creativity, a television studio and recording studio, an assembly hall with multimedia and stage equipment, two swimming pools (25-meter sports and children), a library, two sports halls, a dance hall, atriums and numerous recreational areas located in the new gymnasium building area of over 22 thousand square meters. There also all the necessary conditions for students with disabilities. Like other Skolkovo facilities, the architecture and interior of the school are done in high-tech style.
The Skolkovo Innovation Center is a high technology business area that is being built at Mozhaysky District in Moscow. Skolkovo Technopark is the largest technopark in Europe. Total area is 96,228 m².

Built on an area of 60 hectares, our campus is between the Salaryevo and Buninskaya Alleya metro stations. The campus includes the main school building, boarding houses, and sports grounds, areas for recreation and extracurricular classes and accommodation for staff. The school building is the main hub where school life thrives.
From science labs to design studios, from rehearsal rooms and a library to a winter garden – the space aims to inspire interest in education and a willingness to learn. The boarding school is a comfortable and safe place where children feel at home. There are 10 houses for students on site. Up to 60 boys or girls of different ages live in each of house. The school was open on September 1st, 2018 and there are 242 students from all over the country.

Horoshkola was open on September 1st, 2017. The area of the school is about 23 thousand square meters that include a kindergarten for 250 places, an art school and a boarding school specializing in Chinese. A number of uncommon technics were used when creating the Horoshkola gymnasium. The structure does not simply consist of many classes and audiences of various sizes, these rooms can be easily rearranged due to the presence of movable partition-walls that are safe for visitors of any age.
"Horoshkola" project is a part of the complete renovation of the residential district. Architects and teachers worked together to create the entirely new educational system to shape the man of the XXI century. The school is intended for 336 students. We put more emphasis on social spaces, which create a framework for all the other functional areas. On September 1st 2017 the school opened its doors for students.

Novaya School was opened in March, 2015. As of March 2018, there are 274 students in the school: 139 in elementary and 135 in middle and high school.
Novaya Shkola is a private, newly constructed building with all modern norms and requirements, equipped with equipment that supports the developing approach in training.
There are a lot of additional sections and workshops for children and adults, even without direct relation to the school.
The school building has four floors, all designed in a classic style. Primary school is located on the first two floors of the left block of the building. All-purpose high school classrooms are on the upper floors. The ground floor is set for a service block, the administration of the School, a theater and a canteen. The second floor is sports unit: a large transformable sports hall, game room for younger students and gym. The third floor is a block of workshop-facilities: an art study, a fab lab, a cookery and a pottery. The fourth floor is a large laboratory: workshops of chemistry, physics and biology are held there.
Novaya School has united more than 100 teachers of the strongest schools in Moscow and Russia. Teachers create the educational environment of the Novaya School, compiled according to the laws of the genre of copyright schools, but supplemented with a built-in systems approach, where the principles of selection are observed, regularities of development routes are determined, primarily for adult team members, setting the tone for students.

This is the engineering building of the famous Moscow school number 548. Therefore, in addition to the usual classes and sports infrastructure, special emphasis was placed on the workshops: robotics, metal processing, carpentry workshop, paint shop, architectural and art studios, television studio and recording studio, natural science laboratory. The school is transparent: it is visible from edge to edge - from floor to glass ceiling.
Conceptually, the building was divided into two wings (separately for junior and senior classes) and the central part. Each wing has classrooms, atriums and sports halls, in the central part there is a dining room, a library and an assembly hall. Younger children have a lot of space for active games: a soft volcano, a pipe-slide from the second floor to the first. At senior the emphasis is made on joint and individual work.

UNEK School is a private school in Moscow that implements general education programs for pre-school, primary and full secondary education as well as additional education program. All educational programs form an entire system based on the principles of continuity, accessibility and personality orientation. The school is located in a picturesque neighborhood of the city and has a rather favorable social environment.
UNEK private school provides classical education for children from the 1st to the 11th grade and develops their creativity and intelligence. Students have an opportunity to learn foreign languages (English, French, German), chess, join sports clubs, art sections, music classes, visit sensory room and sports ground equipped with fitness equipment.