14-15 november 2019, moscow
II Finnish-Russian
Educational Forum
with the participation of Kazakhstan delegation

II Finnish-Russian Educational Forum is the main activity of the program "Educational Marathon: Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan 2018-2020"

Our prime goal is to increase awareness of one of the best educational system in the world and initiate new educational projects between Finnish, Russian and Kazakhstan participants

Program 2019
Key topics
  • Reforms of the Finnish education system
  • School Management
  • Teacher education and vocational studies in Finland
  • Active Learning Environment
  • The magic of Finnish Early Education
  • Education Unlimited – Teacher's Key Competences of the 21st Century (Oulu University Teacher School)
  • Children's camps and opportunities for additional education in Finland
  • Learning Phenomena. Competition #iteacher. Spring Academy winners in Finland.
  • The system of professional orientation in Finland: from kindergarten to workplace
  • Some peculiar features of the Finnish educational system that distinguishes it from the educational systems of the world
  • Future of digitalization in education
  • School building for the school of the future
  • Hackathon - a new way to make a conscious choice of future. Finnish experience with Generation Z and Hackathon implementation plan
  • Building a school community and creating a supporting environment
  • The internationalization of companies from the educational sector
  • The power of pictures in early education and learning language
  • Focus on the Positives! and use Positive CV to teach strengths and soft skills in your school
  • Experience in the implementation of the Finnish experience in private and public schools in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Testimonials from Russian side
Testimonials from Finnish side
Curator, program of the event, working with Russian and Finnish speakers, sponsorship packages
Organizational issues, registration for the participants
Ekaterina Malevskaya-Malevich
Expert on service design and Finnish EduExport products adaptation to Russian market
University MFLA: Moscow, Vvedenskogo street, 1А